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Lure ideas from Dail Hurdlow

MAY 2018

"Hyper- Vis+ is amazing! We started using it for yellow-eye rock-fish, using our standard 8 oz diamond bars we had to work several rock piles to get them to hit. I had made up two diamond jigs with Hyper-Vis so we sent them down. We immediately hooked up. Using Hyper-Vis+ has increased our jig fishing in an amazing way. After seeing this work on jigs we have added it to our king and silver salmon spoons and seen huge increases in our catches using Hyper-Vis. We are now adding it on our hot-spots, dodgers, spoons and even on our mooching leads. Being able to fish multiple identical lures shows just how effective Hyper-Vis is verses an identical lure without it!"

Ron Moyer

Beacon Hill Lodge

​Ketchikan, Alaska

Even professional photographers cannot capture the 3D optics of our amazing product and display it on a flat

two-dimensional screen however we have provided this short video without sound intentionally so that you may

get a general idea and see that it acts very much like a diamond. We like to say that it is simply a multi-axis visual

attractant and it interacts with light much differently than reflective, sparkle or prism tapes of any brand or color.


Hyper-Vis+ (TM)

"Multi-Axis Visual Attractant"

Hyper-Vis+ with its’ unmatched reflectivity makes this the perfect choice to draw attention to almost anything 

whether it's for home, work, sports, crafts or safety this highly visible diamond-like material is a must. 

Packages are available with one or three 8 inch strips of product. Just cut, peel and stick!

Visibility does matter!

Be Safe Be Seen

​Hyper-Vis Plus - one of the most innovative and useful products of the 21st Century

We have known for years our customers were catching fish with it, then we discovered many more uses which could improve and in some cases save lives when the product is placed onto helmets, safety clothing, bikes, motorcycles and ATV's! The safety applications around the workplace and home are endless as well.


Pictured below is Ron Moyer of Beacon Hill Lodge in Alaska , a man who is considered to be a number one sport-fishing guide featured on ESPN has this to say about our Hyper-Vis + TM

Do You 

Ride a bike, motorcycle or ATV? 

Show your horses in competitions? 
Work in construction?
want to make your pet safer?

Make Crafts?

Do you fish?


Hyper-Bling does not manufacture sport fishing equipment or lures - we make Hyper-Vis+ TM for which you may find beneficial to your fishing experience and a thousand other practical and creative uses!

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